PrivacyYes is a proxy domain registration organisation. Working with participating registrars you can supply PrivacyYes's name, address, email addresses and telephone numbers in domain registration contact forms in order to retain more privacy over your own personal details. This helps prevent personal harassment, data mining, fraud, identity theft, spam, and more.

You retain full ownership of your domain at all times and emails forwarded to your unique, regularly changed privacyyes email address will be seamlessly forwarded to your own email account.

The privacyyes service is supplied for users legitimate privacy reasons only. It cannot be used to shield you from illegal or immoral activity where your details will most certainly be provided to law enforcement on request.

For more information about privacyyes services or for details of participating registrars, please contact

Should you have a legal complaint against a privacyyes user, please address the query in the first instance to their privacyyes email address as listed in Whois. This will be forwarded to the user.